5 Older Woman Dating Tips

Dating an older woman can be a lot of fun. It can come up with a lot of excitement and adventures that are going to rock you to the end. I guess you are feeling a little bit nervous about how to approach your woman. Well, all I have to say in this matter is that you don’t need to be, at least after reading the 5 points that I am going to list in this article.

1) Make Use Of The Youth In You

You know you’re young, and even she’s not void of it. So, why not use this thing to your advantage?

The basics of getting any female, whether younger or older than you always have been the same and always will be. The essential thing to know about any woman is that they love vibrant and energetic males. They like men who have got their fun side and know how to take thing lightly.

Being young is an advantage here as you know how to play safe here.

2) Avoid Being Too Playful Or IMMATURE

The main reason behind woman looking for older guys is that because they very well know what they really need and what they don’t. This makes their lives easier.

The same goes with an Older woman, they know what they want and are not looking for someone to play with.

So, if you took my advice of being youthful then take this one too of combining that youthful energy of yours with some self-confidence.
This would prove her that irrespective of your age, you know what you are looking for and are not looking for playing games. You have to prove her that yes, you can be the perfect partner for her.

3) Try To Fulfil Her Fantasy (Yours Too)!!

Many older females feel good, being termed as a “Cougar”. Getting entirely different kind of attention that too from a younger guy could seriously boost the inner hers of the older female. So, keep this in mind that by approaching her, you are just providing her with some sort of self-confidence proving her that she’s sexy and is wanted.

Not only this, parts of her would surely be fantasized by the fact that could you be the one who can fulfil her sexual needs and here’s where you need to prove her right!

4) Don’t Tell Her She Looks Younger Than Her Age!

If you are feeling like “complimenting” her about how young she looks than her real age then I would have to stop you from doing that because if you would do so, all she’s going to do is treat you like a kid! Do you want that? I would take that as a no!

Never compliment a woman over age. You can rather compliment her as, “You look beautiful” or “You Look Great!” Period.

5) Communicate Well On The First Date

 If you are out with her and you seem like asking her a few things, then that’s fine but doing the opposite of it and blasting her with a lot of questions would make her uncomfortable as then it won’t be looking like a date but rather would turn out to an interrogation for her.

Author: over50datingau

Over 50 Dating AU is a dating blog providing expert tips on different topics like dating, love, relationship, friendship for senior singles from Australia.

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